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About Bad Kitty Products

Bad Kitty Products was designed as a temporary patch until a piece of furniture is repaired or replaced.

We also offer Bad Kitty Products Stop Scratch Scent Packets. Our Scent Packets can be added to help train a cat to stop scratching furniture.

I came up with this idea after my two “Bad Kitty’s” completely shredded the corner of my sofa just before a very important party. I thought what am I going to do?

Back in the 70’s when someone would dent or damage their car and couldn’t repair it right away they painted the word OUCH! or a bandage on it. I thought Why Not Turn An Eye Sore Into A Conversation Piece? Instead of being embarrassed, have fun with it!

Two Weeks Before He Was Shot

In Loving Memory of Cappy

You’ll notice in the lower right corner of all of our products is a tiny paw print that says “In Loving Memory of Cappy”.

Cappy was my 12 year healthy male Tabby. Someone shot him with a pellet gun. After an extensive surgery, the veterinarians couldn’t save him.

It was the pain and suffering that my cat and our entire family experienced that inspired me to find a way to help prevent animal cruelty.

Bad Kitty Products has become that avenue. A Portion of the Proceeds Will be Donated to Help Prevent Animal Cruelty.


No Kittys are bad, but some kittys do bad things.
That’s why Bad Kitty Products is the perfect gift for anyone who owns a cat.